Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Senior citizen 2, armed thugs 0

Two masked feral youth charged into an Internet cafe/casino outlet (a business apparently known to deal in large amounts of cash) in Ocala, Florida last Friday evening.  One of the thugs pointed a handgun and began ordering the 30 or so terrified customers around.  The other, brandishing a bat, smashed an expensive computer monitor.

What the robbers didn't count on was 71-year-old Samuel Williams, a local resident and patron of the cafe who was sitting in the rear of the establishment:

Williams, correctly fearing for his and the other patrons' lives, drew his .380 caliber concealed handgun and opened fire, hitting both suspects.  The robbers then fled the cafe but were soon apprehended by police and charged with multiple felonies.

Incidents such as these clearly illustrate the benefits realized by all, including innocent bystanders and fellow would-be victims, when law-abiding citizens exercise their inherent right to self-defense.

The State's Attorney's office has announced that Williams will most likely not face any charges related to his brave defense of himself and others.  It seems the only question remaining is when he will receive the key to the city.


Bike Bubba said...

I love stories with a happy ending! (snif)

Dirk Koenig said...

And I'm glad nobody was killed, but that the two ended up at the hospital asking for help...