Tuesday, July 10, 2012

You move in first, Your Honor

New York City Mayor Michael "You've Had Enough Soda For One Day, Tubby" Bloomberg, who hasn't met a facet of his subjects' lives he doesn't wish to control, has now apparently decided that singles and couples are taking up too much living space in his fiefdom and thus he has to swoop in and solve the problem:

"Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Monday invited developers to propose ways to turn a Manhattan lot into an apartment building filled mostly with what officials are calling 'micro-units'"

Which Bloomberg has mandated be no bigger than 300 square feet apiece.

When you give up your comfy humungous mansion (and quit illegally idling your limousine and illegally landing your helicopter when the helipad is closed, by the way) and become the first to move into one of those rabbit hutches, sir, then maybe we'll be OK with your latest proposal, which seems to be completely unnecessary.  Why not just let the free market decide what kinds of housing are needed there and ultimately get built?

"'The tenement problem was big families in very small (spaces),' Bloomberg said. 'We're not talking about that. We're talking about one or two people who want something they can afford, and they don't entertain or need big space.'"  (emphasis ours)

It's always great when the powers-that-be decide just what it is their subjects "need", isn't it?


Michael Bloomberg House - Powered by: Billionaires Homes

(Bloomberg's house in Armonk, New York.  Perhaps he and his girlfriend don't quite "need" that much house.)

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