Sunday, August 12, 2012

He probably had more than 3 ounces of liquid "on" him as well

The folks in charge of "security" at JFK Airport in New York City certainly have a bit of explaining to do after a stranded jet-skier inadvertently defeated their 100 million dollar perimeter detection system when his craft sank in Jamaica Bay off Runway 4-L Friday night.

Daniel Casillo, whose keys, ID and money apparently went down with his craft, swam approximately three miles to shore, climbed a fence, walked across two active runways and strolled into Terminal 3.  He was only stopped once a Delta worker noticed him standing there dripping wet and wearing a bright yellow life preserver.

Naturally, all of this massive and embarrassing "security" fail is the boater's fault:

"He was charged with criminal trespass."

Like the poor guy had a choice in the matter.  What was he supposed to do, stay out there and drown because the place is off-limits?

All the other peasants, meanwhile, are still forced to surrender such items as nail clippers, breast milk and inflatable toys to maintain the TSA's silly facade of "security".  

Feel safe yet?

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Crotalus said...

I only feel safe when I don't fly. Don't want to be anywhere near that effin' TSA.