Monday, September 03, 2012

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An illegal immigrant who made his way into the U.S. through Mexico, got caught, made a nebulous asylum claim of "religious persecution" from a government that no longer existed at the time he left his home country (but the rest of his family seemingly has no issues and stayed there), had his claim denied, is ordered deported in 1996 and not only ignored the order but subsequently missed not one but two court hearings to appeal his status, is finally located and picked up by ICE and is in jail awaiting return to his homeland, so naturally he's crying about how unfair the system is.

The man unwisely married and had five children while under that active deportation order, so of course it's America's fault that his family is apparently going to be split up.  Nope, he has no sense of personal responsibility whatsoever for his current predicament despite the choices being entirely his at every step of the process.

And no, he doesn't qualify for President Obama's illegal end-run around the law relaxation of immigration policy for certain individuals, which seems to be the main point of the story - let's let everyone unlawfully here stay!

By the way, the illegal alien is from Romania, about as white as a country gets, so the tired old racial bias argument simply won't play here.

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