Thursday, June 12, 2014

Jumping the line

We had lunch today at a trendy new Mexican food place near our home.  Very good food and attentive service. 

While eating we had the chance to have a friendly chat with the 19-year old counter girl, who is from Chihuahua, Mexico.  She freely admitted in her excellent English that she's in the country on a tourist visa and is looking forward to studying at a local college in the fall.

Two things are very wrong with this situation, though - visitors on tourist visas are barred from enrolling in higher education institutions, and they are expressly forbidden to work while in this country.  This otherwise charming person is doing both, most likely with a fraudulent or stolen Social Security number. 

A significant percentage of illegal immigrants to this country don't arrive by trekking through the desert or wading across a river.  They simply arrive on a tourist visa and never leave.  This person is one of them, and she is knowingly breaking several of our laws in the process. 

Immigration reform activists, why should this person get to stay when so many others around the world wait their turn and come here legally?

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