Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Add it up

I apologize for having two posts in a row about Barack Obama, because this isn't really a politics blog, but I wanted to highlight portions of a speech he gave yesterday in New Mexico. His definitions of "fairness" and "freedom" don't exactly line up with mine.

Get your calculator ready, because he's ready to do some spendin'.

"That's why I've been fighting to pass legislation in the Senate, so that employers don't get away with discriminating against hardworking women like Lilly Ledbetter. And that's why I'll continue to stand up for equal pay as President."

That's great, if the women deserve it. What if they don't? My wife certainly doesn't seem to have any trouble making it in the corporate world, because she's educated and works extremely hard. She certainly isn't being discriminated against, and if she was, she could handle it herself, without Big Daddy Obama stepping in to make the bad bosses behave.

"I'll expand the Child and Dependent Care tax credit, so that working families can receive up to a 50 percent credit for their child care expenses. I'll double funding for afterschool programs that help children learn and give parents relief. And I'll invest $10 billion to guarantee access to quality, affordable, early childhood education for every child in America."

Why should other taxpayers subsidize a person's decision to have children? Kids are expensive. Take that into consideration before you have them. If you need constant "relief" from your responsibilities, maybe you aren't cut out to be a parent, both financially and emotionally. That's OK. Not everyone is meant to be a parent. Lord knows I don't seem to be.

And don't get me started on how the government wishes to indoctrinate "educate" children, starting as young as three. The sooner you get them, the sooner the molding of the minds can begin. We need good, compliant peasants, you know.

"I'll expand FMLA to cover businesses with as few as 25 employees - this will reach millions of American workers who aren't covered today. We'll also allow workers to take leave to care for elderly parents. We'll allow parents to take 24 hours of annual leave to join school activities with their kids. And we'll cover employees who are victims of domestic violence or sexual assault."

Will there be anyone left to do the job?

Again, why should businesses subsidize workers with children, at the expense of childless employees? Maybe they want to get a little "relief", as well. How soon before companies are forced to provide single people with mental health days? The Feds don't want to be accused of discriminating against the procreationally challenged.

"That's why I'll require employers to provide all of their workers with seven paid sick days a year. And I'll support a 50-state strategy to adopt paid-leave systems, and set aside $1.5 billion to fund it."

If you think the economy is stagnant now, wait until companies have to absorb all of these unfunded mandates from Obama. We'll be France, only without the good wine and cheese.

"I'll pass a middle class tax cut of $1,000 for each working family."

"Working family" = People who don't generally pay any income tax in the first place. Just about everyone I know works, and none of them will be in line to get this little bonus, that's for sure.

"That's why, unlike Senator McCain, I'll index the minimum wage to inflation so that it goes up each year to keep pace with rising costs."

Pricing teenagers and entry-level workers with limited skills out of the workplace. If an employer has to pay someone $12 an hour for menial labor, they sure aren't going to take a chance on a marginal employee, giving them a chance to succeed.

When you combine all of these goodies, along with all the other grand plans from Obama, including socialized medicine, the continued stifling of domestic energy production and all of the myriad other handouts that he's promising any group he gets in front of , and one begins to wonder just how big the bill for all of this largesse is going to be. I'm pretty cheesed off at the Republicans in Congress and George W. Bush for spending like drunken sailors, but Mr. Obama will make them look like amateurs.

How again is this going to reduce our deficit and national debt?

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