Monday, June 23, 2008

An interesting little tidbit

From the NRA-ILA website (all emphases mine):

"This week, Brady (The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership Violence) telegraphed yet another issue it intends to push after the Heller decision: tightening the requirements to obtain a federal firearms license (FFL). Sen. Barack Obama has already come out for prohibiting gun dealers within five miles of a school or park, which would eliminate most dealers, and Brady wants to do its part to eliminate any who may be left standing."

Mr. Obama may say that he "believes in an individual's right to bear arms", but he apparently doesn't believe in that same individual's right to purchase said arms, as his cute little legislative idea would eliminate over 95% of the gun shops currently in business. To him, that's an example of "common-sense, reasonable" regulation, along with D.C. and Chicago's complete bans on handgun ownership.

And to think this man touts his ten years of teaching Constitutional law. One shudders to imagine how he interprets the other amendments in the Bill of Rights.

Again: If you're so against guns, Mr. Obama, then why are you allowing yourself to be protected by an army of suited men with concealed weapons? If it's good enough for you, why isn't it good enough for the rest of us?

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