Tuesday, June 10, 2008

He picked the wrong house

A would-be burglar in Berwickshire, England got more than he bargained for when he met Cromwell, the family's three-year-old, 300 pound mastiff.

In his haste to escape, the hapless criminal left behind his shirt, which had been chewed to bits by the dog.

Amazingly, the homeowner was not arrested because the dog defended the house. Because this is Great Britain, though, the article managed to bring up the subject:

"If the burglar decided to make a complaint, Mr Watson could not be prosecuted under the Dangerous Dogs Act because the incident took place on his private property."

Finally, a smidgen of sanity in Britain's ridiculous nanny-state laws, which generally forbid a citizen from defending their home from thugs who wish to do them harm. Stay tuned, though. I predict a call for "dog control" any day now. After all, that thief could have been seriously hurt.

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