Thursday, June 12, 2008

He's come a long way, baby

Barack Obama's been caught with a fag!!!

A cigarette, that is. That's what they're called over in England.

Somehow this story was important enough to rate the front page of Drudge yesterday, although I'm not quite sure of the reason why. Perhaps it's to illustrate that the stress of campaigning is getting to him. If that's the case, should he win the election we're going to see him chain-smoking at the podium during the State of the Union address. That job is much more stressful than the application process, I've been told.

Really, it shouldn't matter what Obama chooses to do for personal pleasure, as long as it's legal and he doesn't lie about it under oath, like other Presidents have been known to do about their little stress-relievers. Smoking is a nasty habit, but so are a lot of other things. Each one of us gets to pick his own hand-cart to Hell, and if that's his kick then more power to him.

It sure would be ironic, though, if he gets into office and as part of his first Five-Year Plan agitates for some sort of national smoking ban. Smooth, rich, delicious irony. That's how the overlords roll, you know - denying the peasants the opportunity to make a choice that the elites themselves got to freely make, all because they know better than you how to live your life, no matter the topic.

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