Sunday, June 15, 2008

Attack of the "special people"

An off-duty Fremont, California police officer, Nick Maurer, who was riding San Francisco's light rail line home from a concert, apparently took offense at a woman who pointed out to the officer's companion that the out-of-uniform cop was leaning against the door of the train and should be more careful. As a matter of fact, he took so much offense that he decided to assault the woman's husband, an off-duty firefighter.

Yes, alcohol seems to have been involved.

Maurer cursed out the woman when they all got off at the Embarcadero station, and then repeatedly attacked her husband, who managed to overpower him and make a citizen's arrest, holding Maurer down until other, more professional officers could arrive and arrest him on battery charges.

"Gee said Maurer went after Jackalone again inside the BART gates after using his badge to gain free access, as police officers are allowed to do."

Why? If police officers are off duty and out for a night of drinking at a music concert, let them pay the fare just like all of the other peasants. I don't understand why they rate special privileges that have nothing to do with what tasks they perform for a living. Oh, right, these are "special people" who get perks such as being able to carrying concealed handguns off-duty for self-protection, a right that is denied to just about every other resident of San Francisco (I wonder if Officer Maurer was packing that night?). These same "special people" also apparently don't like being warned about safety issues such as stupidly leaning drunkenly against a train door that might open at any time, because, you know, they're more professional than you, and how dare you question them about anything.

Ms. Jackalone should probably have held her tongue and let Darwinian evolution sort things out.

"Bowman said her client, who is on paid leave, is a probationary employee who is not yet a permanent police officer in Fremont."

Happy trails, Mr. Future Mall Security Guard.

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