Sunday, June 15, 2008

Today's TASER Travesty

A 30-year-old South Florida man, Mark Holder, suffered a seizure while driving last Friday, and as a result crashed his car into a road sign. When fire and rescue arrived, Mr. Holder refused treatment, and resisted attempts to place him into a neck brace. To solve the impasse, several Palm Beach County sheriff's deputies showed up and shocked him into submission. Repeatedly. Holder was then taken to the hospital, presumably having learned his lesson about how it's apparently a dangerous felony to decline emergency medical treatment in Florida.

Even if Holder seemed to be mentally incapacitated due to the effects of the seizure, he's one badly injured man. All of those medical personnel and strapping deputies couldn't control him?

"After he was subdued, he was taken to Delray Medical Center with serious injuries, Barbera said."

Injuries that were no doubt made worse by the treatment Mr. Holder received at the hands of his "helpers".

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