Thursday, July 10, 2008

A second Briton jailed for defending his home from thugs

Another British man, this time in Wiltshire, England, has had his own gang of thugs throwing rocks at his house over the last few months, breaking windows numerous times. During the latest incident, his wife called 999 (the British 911) for assistance, but police still hadn't shown up after more than two hours. Finally, in desperation, 65-year-old homeowner Sydney Davis grabbed a board from his garden and chased the louts away.

How did this end? You guessed it. Davis was arrested and charged with "possession of an offensive weapon". He faces six months in jail. The yobs? None arrested and none charged, naturally. Wouldn't want to hurt the young fellows' self-esteem.

"Mr Davis's 42-year- old wife Pauline dialled 999 when their home came under attack yet again last week, but two and a half hours later officers had failed to arrive.
The couple's two sons, five and seven, were cowering behind the sofa when their father ran at the gang."

Deprive the law-abiding public of any useful means of self-defense, fail to show up when assistance is called for, and then further erode their subjects' rights by prosecuting them for using sticks, rocks and whatever else they have on hand to fight off the dregs of society. Sounds like a fine public policy to me. Real fine. Is this the type of Utopia that you strive for, Mayors Daley, Bloomberg and Fenty?

The above story is eerily similar to one we commented on just two weeks ago. We now have to assume that the default position of the police in England is that defending one's home from rock attacks is now classified as a major crime and will be preferentially prosecuted, as opposed to putting the attackers themselves into prison.

We're going to have to stop listing these types of stories coming out of Britain because they're fast becoming too common to be classified as "news", but are rather just more of the same old story.

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