Thursday, July 10, 2008

True community service

Covington, Kentucky police officer Keith Parker recently pulled over a Dodge Neon with four bald and decaying tires, in order to inform the family inside of the unsafe situation.

The father informed Parker that the family was in fact on their way to purchase new tires, but even after saving for a month they would only be able to afford two of them.

Officer Parker, citing the fact that the family had their three-month-old daughter in the vehicle with them, offered to meet the family at the tire shop and purchase the other two tires for them out of his own pocket to ensure the safety of the child.

According to the story, the officer apparently has a long history of performing similar deeds, but they often go unnoticed because he prefers to keep a low profile.

"The couple says they will work to save up the $118 to repay Officer Parker. If he refuses to accept the money, they say they will donate it to a charity that can help another needy family."

We spend a lot of time around here giving lawbreaking, incompetent and bullying public officials a well-deserved bashing. From time to time, however, we like to highlight stories such as these in order to highlight the fact that the vast majority of officers are good, service-oriented people.

Very well done, sir. I wish you were patrolling my community.

Thanks to mnglocker at the Forum for the heads-up.

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