Monday, August 25, 2008

Because snipers often carry their cased rifles in plain sight through the hotel lobby

The Secret Service, overreaching their authority mightily, evacuated Nancy Pelosi briefly from her hotel and arrested a Wyoming hunter for checking into the same Denver hotel with his cased hunting rifles, which is exactly how one is supposed to transport them.

"Calanchini did not have a concealed weapons permit, said Lance Clem, spokesman for the Colorado Department of Public Safety."... "[Secret Service spokesman] Wiley said authorities were not releasing information about whether the weapons were loaded because the case remained under investigation. Wiley said the charge [unlawful carrying of a weapon] is the same whether the weapons were loaded or unloaded. (Emphasis mine)

Incorrect. Way incorrect. Assuming the weapons were unloaded, the man was entirely legal in his actions, and did not need any kind of permit to transport his weapons in such a fashion. How else is he going to get his firearms to his hunting trip? The country's commerce doesn't come to a halt because the DNC is having a convention in the same city, for God's sake. And just assume for a second that the man was a Colorado resident and possessed a carry permit. Are you telling me that fact would have made any sort of difference in whether or not the government types hauled him off to the pokey? No, I don't think so, either.

Furthermore, why is the Secret Service spearheading an arrest on what is presumably a state charge? Further-furthermore, how many assassins do you know would walk in the front door of a hotel in plain view of everyone, merrily toting their sniper rifle with them in an obvious rifle case, and attempt to check in under their real name? Let's show a little common sense, people.

This brings up a question that has long been debated on gun forums. What happens, say, if John or Jane Doe, who possesses a carry permit and is armed, is sitting in Mabel's Diner and a Presidential candidate comes in unannounced to press the flesh, a not uncommon occurrence? A consensus on an answer has never been reached, save for the wish not to be that person.

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