Monday, August 25, 2008

A great boss

After a two-month long paid suspension, Buckeye, Arizona Police Lt. Derek Arnson has been permitted to return to work, despite an independent investigation's "findings that he made threats, intimidated employees and harassed a co-worker based on sexual orientation."

According to this story, Arnson figured that he pretty much had the chief's job in the bag once his boss resigned to run for sheriff, and therefore began strutting around bullying the officers he wanted to lead, before he actually was promoted to the position.

Now he's back in a supervisory position over the very employees he previously attempted to push around. That should be just great for morale in that department.

"Arnson was placed on administrative leave June 5. He returned to work on July 30 as a lieutenant. The investigation cost the town $3,800, documents show, and Arnson collected $8,300 while he stayed home."

Nowhere else but government "service" does official malfeasance and costing one's employer money not only go unpunished, but the guilty party actually gets paid to stay home while their bad behavior is rooted out.


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Anonymous said...

Sad thing as any one reading this can say wow. Bu this guy talked his way into a Chief of Police Job and now 12 long term employees were wrongfully terminated and are collecting unemployment adn he has destroyed careers and families which he claimes he is! Go figure but thanks to the people n Buckeye they never reported the termination to the police governing board to do something to his certification!!!