Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Getting "chippy" with the subjects

A London man sees a couple of the city's finest bullies police officers reversing their car down a local one-way street in order to collar themselves some delicious snacks at a local fish and chip shop. The man, Andrew Carter, yells at the officers that they shouldn't be breaking the law like that, as he had previously almost been run down by others driving in a similar manner. The officers promptly (and rudely and falsely) reply "F*** off, this is police business".

Mr. Carter then takes a picture of the officers, presumably for complaint purposes. The officers see him, come out and smash his camera to the ground, and subsequently arrest Carter for "assault, resisting arrest and being drunk and disorderly".

Wow. I'm surprised murder and buggery weren't pulled out of thin air and tacked on as well.

Carter was hauled down to the station in cuffs, where he spent five hours and was forced to submit a DNA sample. A week later, he was informed that all charges had magically been dropped. (I'll bet the DNA is still on file, though.)

Unfortunately, Aqil Farooq, the abusive thug who falsely arrested Carter, still has a job, this being Great Britain and all, where abuse of the subjects by government "authorities" isn't taken very seriously at all:

"The officer faced a disciplinary inquiry and was made to apologise in person to Mr Carter but still held on to his job."

That'll straighten him out.

I wonder what level of rights infringement it actually takes to get someone bounced from the force over there?

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