Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Soon there won't be anything left to eat but porridge

First public schools took out the soda and candy vending machines, many of which helped fund student activities.

Then they began to forbid students from bringing cupcakes or other treats to school to celebrate their birthdays or other special occasions, for both health reasons as well as preventing other students who didn't bring stuff in on their birthdays from "feeling" bad. (I know that I, for one, sure appreciated everything that was brought to class and shared with me.)

Now an advocacy group is demanding that schools quit serving hot dogs and other processed meats (and all meat eventually, it seems), in a quest to help prevent colon cancer.

It won't be long before the pupils will be lining up for their bowl of delicious gruel before heading back to class for their afternoon indoctrination.

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Anonymous said...

The obvious solution here is to go back to what I did growing up. Bring your lunch from home! It's not that hard, but seems that most 'disadvantaged' families don't understand that concept nowdays.