Thursday, August 14, 2008

What's the problem?

The powers-that-be in Marlboro, Massachusetts have their shorts in a wad because a retired chemist named Victor Deeb was found to be running some experiments in his basement. Firefighters responding to an air conditioner fire apparently freaked out when they saw his home lab and called the local Department of Environmental Protection, which confiscated all of the nasty chemicals. The only thing is, no dangerous substances whatsoever were among the substances:

"None of the materials found at 81 Fremont St. posed a radiological or biological risk, according to the state Department of Environmental Protection. No mercury or poison was found. Some of the compounds are potentially explosive, but no more dangerous than typical household cleaning products."

So an expert chemist with several pending patents to his name is exploring a few ideas at home in his free time, using nothing more dangerous than Drano or ammonia, and we're supposed to swallow the idea that he's some kind of a major health hazard? Give me a break.

Someone named Pamela A. Wilderman, a code enforcement officer, seems to be enjoying her moment in the sun:

"There are regulations about how much you’re supposed to have, how it’s detained, how it’s disposed of."

OK, what are they? Citations, please. (Birds chirping)

"'He’s been very cooperative,' Ms. Wilderman said. 'I won’t be citing him for anything right at this moment.'"

How very generous of you.

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