Thursday, September 11, 2008

No kids? You're a pedophile

The nutty nanny-staters that run Shropshire, England have decided that lone individuals present in Telford Town Park (which is open to the public, which presumably pays for its upkeep) are to be automatically assumed to be up to no good, and have therefore instructed the "park wardens" to closely question the dastardly single people who have the nerve to show up and enjoy the park about why they are there, and throw them out if their answers aren't up to snuff:

"David Ottley, recreation manager at the Tory-run council, said in a letter to a member of the public over that issue: 'Our town park staff approach adults that are not associated with any children in the park and request the reason for them being there."

Presumably "I'm here to relax and enjoy the park that I help to pay for" will not be an acceptable answer to these lunatics.

"A council spokesman insisted that only those 'acting suspiciously' would be stopped and questioned."

Oh, OK.

By the way, what constitutes "acting suspiciously"? We already know from the article that standing in the park and handing out leaflets to other adults counts, because two activists were bounced from the park last month for doing just that. That's the problem with governments being able to harass and arrest people over such poorly defined definitions as "acting suspiciously", as the term can be used to describe pretty much anything the "authorities" want it to.

Memo to Shropshire residents without children: No more walking on paths or sitting on benches in Telford Town Park. That behavior could be labeled "suspicious", you know.

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Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, the people who authorised the letter, saying all this, denied saying it They even deed the policy even when reporters videos the policy being enforced.

We are protesting about it on Saturday 13th in the Town Park, but we won't be handing out leaflets and will be accompanied by a child.