Sunday, October 26, 2008

God love him

Putting aside whatever else I think about Great Britain and its dysfunctional government, one has to admit that good ol' Prince Philip is a true original, possessing not one gram of political correctness or fake royal stuffiness.

"Dr Maja Uran revealed that the 87-year-old Duke told her: ‘Tourism is just national prostitution.’

He went on: ‘We don’t need any more tourists. They ruin cities.’"

That wasn't the only one he got off:

"Philip’s wisecracks continued when he spoke to blonde Maja Oven. When the 36-year-old told him her group had proposed meeting points in cities for people to discuss ideas, he replied: ‘They call those supermarkets, don’t they?’"

Somehow I get the impression that Britain would be much better off with him running things over there.

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