Monday, October 27, 2008

She had to eat cake like everyone else

Jet Airways, an Indian airline, has been forced by their government to issue an apology to Victoria, the Crown Princess of Sweden, because they inconvenienced Her Worship by not giving her the "royal" treatment when she departed from New Delhi to somewhere else in the country.

According to the story, she showed up at the airport with 10 (?) bags, and wasn't met by the usual butt-smooching expediters who hand-carry her through check-in and security on her jaunts around the world, causing her to be delayed while those tasks were performed at the speed that ordinary Indians get - SLOW.

"According to Swedish officials - the heir to the prestigious Swedish throne

(Prestigious? I defy anyone who isn't a Swede to name a member of that family off the top of their heads.)

- was not greeted by Jet officials upon arrival at the airport, which is a protocol breach."

Not in a free country it isn't. Get there early, get in line with the rest of the peasants, and hire a porter to cart your incredible mound of luggage around.

By the time Miss Snooty got to the plane, which had been held solely for her, it was hours late for its scheduled departure. When she finally boarded, the passengers (laughter) booed her roundly, because the flight crew had tipped them off as to exactly who was responsible for their stewing on the tarmac for such a long time.

Hopefully Princess Victoria isn't permanently scarred by the experience, and will take from it a new appreciation of how ordinary people live, so that when she someday becomes Queen she will consider seriously the impact of her imperious rulings on the daily lives of her peasants before she issues them.

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