Sunday, October 26, 2008

Here we go again - another illegal immigration tragedy

Another alleged drunk driver who apparently admitted to police that he is an illegal alien caused a car crash in Phoenix, Arizona early Saturday morning, and this time a Phoenix police officer is dead as a result of the incident:

"A Phoenix police officer died Saturday after his patrol car collided with a pickup driven by a man who police believe was drinking shortly before the crash."

Officer Shane Figueroa was en route to a "shots fired" emergency call, so he presumably had his emergency lights and siren activated. None of that prevented Mr. Drunk from turning right into his path, unfortunately.

As usual, the person in custody has a significant criminal history other than his non-legal status:

"Police said [Jose Rivas] Gonzalez was also booked on four outstanding warrants but details were not available." (Emphasis mine)

Does every person here illegally regularly drive while intoxicated while also committing other criminal mayhem? No, of course not. But many do, just like this one did, and now an innocent U.S. citizen who worked in public service is deceased, all because Mr. Gonzalez was here when he wasn't supposed to be despite multiple run-ins with the criminal justice system.

Situations such as these are tragic examples of why our immigration policies are in desperate need of strengthening and increased enforcement. There are simply too many of these awful stories happening all around the country, and too many American citizens being injured or killed, to keep ignoring the problem because of political correctness.

Officer Figueroa is survived by a wife and three-year-old child, and our heartfelt sympathies go out to them. Rest in peace, sir.

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