Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The aftermath

Random musings:

Well, the sun still came up this morning. There's that.

I can't believe that John Murtha of Pennsylvania was reelected after calling his own constituents racist bigots for not buying the "Yes, We Can" propaganda.

Who would have thought that a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage would pass in California, of all places? That place is more schizophrenic than I thought.

Sorry to say, the same legislation was approved in my new home state of Arizona. I used to be against gay matrimony, on the juvenile grounds that it would change the definition of of the word "marriage". I have since wised up and realized that my position made no sense when compared to my overall burning desire for government to stay out of our homes (and bedrooms) as much as possible, as well as my insistence that people be treated equally and fairly. This last is particularly important when it comes to state-regulated issues such as hospital visitation rights, inheritance laws and other topics that have a huge effect on peoples' lives. Gay marriage is not hurting or affecting you in any way. Get over it. Gays - the flamboyant parades featuring men in assless chaps is maybe not such a good idea when trying to advance your civil rights. I'm just saying.

I'm very happy for my friends in Minnesota, in that they don't have to deal with the carpetbagging Al Franken for the next six years. Independence Party candidate Dean Barkley seems to have been responsible for the bacon-saving in that race, as he drew 15% of the (probably mostly Franken's) vote. I have it on good authority from some who have interacted with him that Franken is a rude lout who can't be civil or courteous to anyone who doesn't swallow his line of crap. It must be absolutely killing him that he can't be part of America's Great Leap Forward. Coleman squeaked by with a margin of approximately 800 votes as of this morning. As we see, every one's vote counts, so thanks to those of you who did so.

Was anyone else creeped out by the Nuremberg Rally in Chicago last night? The throngs of adoring masses chanting the Messiah's name, the preacher-style victory speech that was full of slogans but didn't really say anything, and the sycophantic news people who were lapping it all up like it was the best meal they ever had. Truly disgusting, and frighteningly reminiscent of 1933 Germany. And no, I don't make that comparison lightly.

On the topic of the news media, I thought that Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews were not going to be allowed to anchor MSDNCNBC's coverage of election night, due to their outrageously biased behavior during the primaries. Well, that idea apparently didn't last long. Not only were they there in full throat, the management added liberals Rachel Maddow and Eugene Robinson to the group. No balance there, that's for sure.

Gun rights enthusiasts - I placed an order with Brownell's last night while certain items are still $17.99, and not $120.00 or more as they were under the first "Assault Weapons" Ban. I suggest you follow suit if at all possible and stock up on things you might wish to own, in anticipation of the coming attack on your Second Amendment rights.

More later, as I try to get my head around what this all is going to mean for us.

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SJ said...

I don't make the comparison lightly either, especially considering the fact that my great-grandmother was from Germany and my great-grandfather was from Poland. Details are sketchy, but they left Europe right around the time that a failed Austrian artist came to power. I have been having a terrible feeling about Obama. It's not so much him, because I don't believe he is an evil man, it's his followers who I'm concerned about. All the adulation, the crying and fainting, the rabid attacks on anyone who dares to question anything about him, the intimidating figures outside polling places... it all seems familiar to me, but I hope that I am wrong.

So the United States has elected a black president. Well, half black anyhow. I'm dismayed that so many people seemed to judge him by his color instead of the content of his character. They were so desperate for "change" and to see a black face in the White House that they voted in a man who has no clue and no experience. It's going to be an interesting four years. I'm just mean enough to enjoy the disappointment that is sure to follow when some people realize that Obama will not make all of their dreams come true.