Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Brits get rogered by their masters once again

The British government is beginning to test-drive a plan to use GPS units to tax vehicles based on mileage driven, despite previously denying that they had any intention of ever implementing such a scheme:

"Paul Clark, the Transport Minister, confirmed yesterday that the trials would proceed despite previous statements from the Government suggesting that it had abandoned the idea of a national road-pricing scheme."

Some residents are now wondering when the inevitable automated speeding ticket system will be introduced, as tracking units on every car plus the already installed ubiquitous surveillance cameras make that idea quite feasible. The government is (surprise!) firmly denying that they have ever even dreamed of doing so:

"Theoretically the on-board units could be used to detect whether a driver has exceeded the speed limit. Ministers have said that they would not be used for that purpose." (Emphasis mine)

Why should the good residents of that country believe anything that comes out of their overlords' mouths? They'll only eventually go back on any promises they make, as the poor peasants there keep finding out over and over again.

The longer the martinets stay in power, the more blatant and outrageous the lies. Why do the British people put up with it all? Considering who we just elected President, I'm not sure we can say that we're doing any better.

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