Friday, November 07, 2008

Saw this one coming a mile away

My order from Brownell's, a large online firearms parts and accessories retailer, was placed not a moment too soon, it seems.

A quick check of their website as well as that of competitor Midway USA shows that just about every type of AR and AK magazine offered for sale is in an "out of stock" situation.

I guess everyone else had the same idea I had on Election Night, which is that crushing demand for these items due to the expected attempt to renew the "Assault Weapons" Ban will either cause a severe shortage or entice the companies to jack the price for them into the stratosphere.

Panic buying? Maybe. I'm just thankful I got in line early, because I see President Obama's attempt to interfere with my ability to purchase such items as one of the first acts of his administration, as he's already picked another of King Emperor Mayor-for-Life Richard Daley's thuggish lapdogs, Rahm Emanuel, as his Chief of Staff. Here comes the Change, and it isn't going to be for the better for freedoms in this country.

The Chicago Machine officially now has its hooks in the White House, and they ain't letting go anytime soon. God help us.

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Exurban Jon said...

Great catch! I just linked you at

At our Tuesday night election party/wake, everyone spontaneously began discussing firearms once PA was called. Despite Obama's promises, it's obvious that he wants a disarmed populace and isn't concerned with protecting us from our enemies. Security starts at home.