Monday, December 15, 2008

A Boston Tobacco Party is needed

The martinet Boston Public Health Commission is poised to outlaw cigar bars, even though the only people who work in and patronize them are people who wish to smoke cigars:

"While critics say the move goes too far, Roger Swartz, director of the health commission’s community initiatives bureau, said the new rules are intended to protect people from the ills of tobacco, in all its forms."

Whether they want such protection or not, apparently. Isn't the sale and use of tobacco still legal in Massachusetts? The state gets its fair share of tax revenue from the sale of it, that's for sure.

One bar owner gets it right:

"They come here to smoke, and they know what they are doing,” she said"

No no no, they can't possibly understand, don't you see, ma'am? We, the health dictators, know what's best for all of you, so shut up and eat your muesli, you ungrateful peasants. We don't care what you want. You'll get nothing, and like it.

This development is quite ironic, given Boston's history as the birthplace of American freedom. Perhaps they need another Tea Party-style demonstration up there, in order to show the despots who is really in charge.

I don't smoke cigars (or anything else, for that matter) but I certainly don't give a crap whether a group of people congregates in a private place to do so, just as I don't want them to interfere in whatever legal activity I wish to engage in. A simple enough concept, but one that people such as Mr. Swartz continually fail to see.

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