Monday, December 15, 2008

Remington followup

Email out to Tommy Millner, President and CEO of Remington Arms, commenting on his company's stance with regard to business partner H-S Precision's use of disgraced FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi as a spokesman, as well as their previous reaction to Jim Zumbo's dimwitted blog post:

"A section from a blog post I just published, outlining your stances on both the Jim Zumbo issue as well as the latest H-S fiasco:

'I already use Remington's UMC ammunition for practice exclusively because of its quality and value, as well as their Golden Saber personal defense ammo because of its reliable expansion properties and consistent performance. I will now also make sure that the next rifle or shotgun I purchase will be a Remington product as well. I suggest wholeheartedly that everyone else consider the same when evaluating your firearm or ammunition needs.
Mr. Millner, you have made a customer for life.'

I mean every word of it.


Douglas Hester"

Mr. Millner's response (A few short hours later):

"Thanks so much!

We are just trying to do the right thing.

Its nice to know people notice good deeds


We do indeed, sir. Thanks again to you and your firm for doing the right thing, which is all too rare in today's "play it safe" corporate world.

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