Monday, March 09, 2009

Cities are going to have to pay for being "sanctuaries"

Some victims of violent crime committed against them by certain illegal aliens (those who have been previously arrested and convicted numerous times for serious crimes, but who were never turned over to ICE because the cities in which the crimes took place are self-designated "sanctuary cities" that actively work to delay or prevent the deportation of illegals) are now filing suit against the cities in question, claiming that if the "authorities" in those areas had properly followed the law, the criminals would never have been here to commit their mayhem against the victims.

Makes perfect sense to me.

The cities currently being sued include Denver, where an illegal immigrant with an extensive arrest record crashed an SUV, causing a chain reaction that killed three people and injured two; and San Francisco, where a father and two sons were executed by an illegal immigrant who was a convicted felon and known member of the murderous MS-13 street gang, simply because the family briefly got in the gangbanger's way while driving.

In a similar and ironic vein, the convicted serial rapist (and Salvadoran illegal immigrant) now suspected of murdering Washington, D.C. intern Chandra Levy in 2001 was one of the intended beneficiaries of a letter signed by former Congressman (and Levy lover) Gary Condit, who in 2000 with other legislators urged then-President Clinton to give complete amnesty to people from numerous Central American countries who were here illegally, including from El Salvador. That amnesty was never given, but talk of it certainly must have spurred much frantic immigration from those areas at the time, in hopeful anticipation of its passage.

Washington is also a "sanctuary city", according to Judicial Watch, and the suspect entered the country in March 2000, according to the Washington Post.

Coincidence? I think not.

As always, the asinine policies protecting criminals here illegally won't change until the burghers of the cities in question have to start doling out their taxpayer's hard-earned money to innocent people who were harmed because these thugs were given official protection, thus causing even more people to be harmed by the continued presence of these criminals in our country.

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