Tuesday, March 31, 2009

English "Health and Safety" Insanity

"Those cops should have been overwhelmed on the spot, and told that further assertion of their presumption would have been very bad for their "health and safety"."

Billy, commenting on the incredibly sad and infuriating story of how police in Doncaster, England, helped cause the deaths of a young family in a house fire (including a husband, an eight months-pregnant wife and a three-year-old boy who were all roasted alive, and a five-year-old girl left in critical condition) by actively preventing the neighbors from desperately trying to save them, instead insisting that everyone (including the cowardly cops themselves) had to wait for the fire department to show up "for health and safety reasons".

"Another witness said some friends and neighbours ignored the police warnings and tried to reach the family with ladders and a hosepipe. But again the police intervened and stopped them." (Emphasis mine)

Those louts should immediately be jailed and charged with negligent homicide or whatever they call that crime in England, because their criminal inactions absolutely contributed to a shocking degree the tragic demise of that innocent family.

"Witnesses said police arrived 'several minutes' before firemen but South Yorkshire police refused to give the exact time, citing 'data protection' rules." (Emphasis angrily mine)

"Protecting" their own fat yellow behinds, more accurately.

I don't know how any of the lot can ever show their shameful faces in public again.

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