Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Real-world consequences

A good friend that I've made here in Arizona reports that he was involved in a low-speed traffic accident last Saturday. The other party to the accident, a female illegal immigrant with (naturally) no driver's license or insurance, claimed to be injured and was taken by ambulance to the hospital, despite my friend's reporting that the speed at which the collision occurred was 12 miles per hour at the most.

While we certainly hope that the woman wasn't seriously injured and is indeed putting on an act in an attempt to escape arrest, it remains true that the taxpayers (you and me, plus my friend, ironically) now have to pay the illegal immigrant's hospital bill, any jail and court costs, and the presumed public defender fees resulting from her medical care, legal detention and (hopeful) eventual deportation. My friend, a very decent young man who is just beginning his working career, is out at least $1,000, the estimated cost of the damage to his vehicle, money that he'll surely never see from the other party.

Illegal immigration has some very real negative consequences for the average peasant in this country, despite the propaganda spewed out by their defenders.

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