Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Jack-Booted Thug of the Week, International Edition...

... is the unidentified (of course, they must protect him at all costs solely because he's a "special person") London, England police officer who for no reason whatsoever struck a pedestrian with a baton, then shoved the man so that he fell onto his face, during a protest of the G20 meeting in that city the other week.

The passerby, far from baiting the police, was 47-year-old Ian Tomlinson, a newspaper worker who was simply trying to skirt the crowd on his way home from work. He was walking away from the cops with his hands in his pockets when the bully bobby decided to go all WWE on him, as this video of the incident clearly shows:

Moments later, Mr. Tomlinson suffered a fatal heart attack and died, obviously as a direct result of the unwarranted criminal assault against his person.

It's interesting to note the original explanation of the incident that the police force offered up (remember, watch the clip and marvel at how many fellow cops saw the man get shoved for no reason at all by their good buddy):

"Initially the force said it was unaware he had sustained the alleged assault and said its officers' first contact with him was when they gave him medical aid before he died."

Yeah, not so much, as anyone viewing the footage can plainly see. The official version of events has miraculously changed, now that footage of the assault has turned up (and people wonder why the Muckraker now carries multiple audio and video recorders during his independent investigations):

"On Thursday the Met acknowledged Mr Tomlinson came "into contact with police" before he died."

I suppose one could phrase it that way, although "the police officer illegally came into contact with Tomlinson, causing his demise" would be far more accurate.

The officer has now been suspended from the force pending an investigation. As damning as the video is, hopefully it won't take very long before he is (correctly) criminally charged with homicide.

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