Wednesday, April 01, 2009

This decision was inevitable

The Messiah's illegal alien "Auntie Zeituni" Onyango has been given a reprieve by an immigration judge, and now has an additional year to come up with some new arguments in favor of her staying in this country.

One wonders what novel reasons will surface that Onyango hasn't already used during her previous four unsuccessful appeals of her deportation order.

The article interestingly also reports that Onyango received a Social Security card in 2001 when she was ostensibly here "legally" (How did that happen? She was never an permanent resident of this country, and appears never to have had a job here), meaning that she's probably guilty of Federal welfare benefit fraud since her 2004 deportation order, to go along with her well-documented immigration violations, illegal occupancy of taxpayer-paid public housing and unlawful donation of money to her dear nephew's Presidential campaign.

The probable scenario: Once the hue and cry dies down a little bit, Onyango will probably quietly be permitted to stay permanently, despite her flagrant flouting of our laws for years.

We really didn't expect a different outcome.

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