Thursday, May 07, 2009

The FBI must really hate it when he comes around

Justice Department Inspector General Glenn A. Fine, that is, who's really been earning his salary in recent years.

The same man who discovered the careless loss of hundreds of laptops (some containing sensitive information) and thousands of firearms by the "Fibbies" along with the subsequent, shall we say, "less than zealous" investigation and official non-reporting of their absence, proved that the agency was abusing their "national security letter" powers to unlawfully spy on U.S. citizens and uncovered the scam of agents blatantly abusing the reporting of their overtime hours while assigned to duty in Iraq in order to fraudulently obtain millions of dollars in unearned income, has now announced that the usual suspects have left about 24,000 people on their terror watch list "without current or proper justification, while failing to include people who are subjects of terrorism investigations".

(Including the likes of a 16-year-old North Carolina boy arrested for allegedly making a bomb threat who is being held under the Patriot Act, which allows the Feds to basically ignore the kid's right to due process in his case. Just call it "terror", and one's Constitutional rights go bye-bye these days, apparently.)

Keep in mind that this is the very same list that Messiah henchman Rahm Emanuel wishes to use to arbitrarily deny law-abiding citizens their right to purchase and carry firearms should their names somehow mysteriously appear on it, with no rights to appeal or correct the decision. Since there are now more than one million people on the list with thousands more being regularly added to it, it certainly seems like it won't be long until Mr. Emanuel can claim that since everyone happens to be on the list, it would probably be best to just go ahead and cancel the Second Amendment rights of all American citizens.

Except "special people" such as the FBI, naturally.

Who's "terrorizing" whom?

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