Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How cool is this?

We have always found Second Amendment activism to be intellectually stimulating. We can now report that it can be quite gastronomically satisfying as well.

As promised, we ate today at Valle Luna, the restaurant whose owners bravely outlined their reasons for declining to post "no legally concealed and carried firearms" signs at their establishments in an article printed in yesterday's Arizona Republic. We had the excellent albondigas soup and, at the server's suggestion, a truly exquisite dish called pork fundido. It probably wasn't the healthiest item on the menu, but what the heck, we were celebrating.

After eating, we asked to see the manager, politely informed her why we were dining with them and asked her to please convey our respect and thanks to the owners. She was very friendly and appreciative, and promised to relay our message to the owners when she meets with them tomorrow. We then asked her if there had been any problems with anti-gun hysteria whether organized or not, and she replied in the negative. In fact, she stated that the owners had some pre-printed cards ready for employees to hand out should any customers have questions or criticisms about their decision, and none have been handed out to date, shockingly enough. We asked if we could have one, just for our own edification.

Check this out (click on the pics for a bigger image):

What a fabulous idea, and what an outstanding and articulate way for the owners to express their sincerely-held beliefs to their patrons.

We are truly impressed with this establishment, and plan to be regular customers. We urge other Valley residents to patronize them as well. Based on our meal today, we can state that you definitely won't be sorry.


Ken Hood said...

These guys are great! Thanks for making my day.

I make sure to never patronize businesses that have a low regard for my personal safety, or the safety of their other customers. When they "post," they are advising "bad guys" that they are an easier target than businesses who do not post.

Bike Bubba said...

That is very cool; the only thing I'd do differently if I were there (feel free to pass on if you think it has merit) is to make the handout much simpler; simply note that "no carry" signs simply tell lawless patrons that their prospective victims will be disarmed for their convenience, and then note the training and rules for engagement--"reluctant participant," "duty to retreat", and so on.

Andrew said...

That is six kinds of awesome.