Thursday, October 01, 2009

The criminal justice system is not a travel agency...

... despite what this fellow apparently believes:

"Police in Framingham, Mass., say an illegal immigrant from Guatemala entered a police station, told officers he had stolen another man's identity and asked to be deported because he could no longer make ends meet in America."

He'd been here and using taxpayer-funded services free of charge for 13 years.

Just another person who willfully broke a slew of our laws in order to enter and reside in this country, but we're supposed to ignore that fact simply "because he wanted a better life". Well, so do billions of people in the rest of the world. Should we just open the borders and let all of them in?

By the way, are we taxpayers going to be expected to finance trips home for all the people who don't make it in this country should the Messiah's proposed illegal alien amnesty scheme "comprehensive immigration reform" pass Congress?

Prosecute this guy for identity theft, then send him home and bill him for the ticket.

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