Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Jack-Booted Thug of the Week...

... is the unnamed (once again, the favor of anonymity is extended to someone who seemingly doesn't deserve it, this time thanks to "union rules") Chicago, Illinois police officer who on August 1st handcuffed an ER nurse and stuffed her in the back of his squad car because she had the temerity to refuse to draw blood from a DUI suspect until the alleged perp had been admitted to the hospital, which is apparently standard protocol in such situations.

The incident crippled the emergency room's operations that night as the nurse, Lisa Hofstra, at the time was the "charge nurse", tasked with triaging the patients as they arrived and making sure the most serious cases (that is, not a DUI suspect, no matter what sort of mayhem he was accused of causing, but rather people suffering from heart attacks, strokes and the like) were seen first.

'"If this officer is treating me the way he treated me, what is he going to do to people on the street?' Hofstra said"

That is a very insightful question. Answer, Chicago Police?

"A security video of the incident shows the officer smiling outside the squad car as Hofstra sat inside.

'He feels comfortable about smiling when he just illegally arrested someone,' said Hofstra’s attorney Blake Horwitz. 'He is enjoying his power.'"

After watching security camera video of the incident,

we tend to agree with Mr. Horwitz's assessment of the cop's attitude. We wonder if the officer will still be smiling like that when he's held personally accountable in court for his thuggish behavior that night?

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Bike Bubba said...

You know, if anyone was maimed or died by an extra wait in the ER that night, this could be a lot bigger than "just" a civil rights investigation.....

I can understand the officer's frustration with waiting for a blood alcohol test, as the liver does process the stuff, but yeesh....