Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What happens when the government tries to run things

USA Today has gotten hold of an audit, undertaken by the federal government itself, that concluded that

"Federal agencies that supply food for 31 million schoolchildren fail to ensure that tainted products are pulled quickly from cafeterias... In recent recalls, including one this year in which salmonella-infected peanut butter sickened almost 700 people, the government failed to disseminate 'timely and complete notification about suspect food products provided to schools through the federal commodities program,'"

Negligence like this usually results in criminal charges when a private company drops the ball in a similar manner. It's the government, though, so there's no accountability and no one even loses their job, much less finds themselves in legal hot water.

These are the highly competent politicians and bureaucrats, mind you, that solemnly promise with a straight face to promptly ferret out the waste, fraud and abuse currently rampant in Medicare and Medicaid, and then proceed to take over and run the entire health care industry in an efficient and competent manner. It's just not going to happen that way, no matter how many vows they make.

Let the Feds straighten out the thousands of programs they're already royally screwing up, and then we'll talk about their taking on some additional responsibilities .

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