Friday, October 09, 2009

The Jack-Booted Thug of the Week, Bonus Edition...

... is former Dolton, Illinois police officer Christopher Lloyd, for being caught on a school surveillance tape beating the snot out of a 15-year-old brain-injured student who dared to give the law enforcement "professional" some lip after he told the kid to tuck in his shirt:

"Officer" Lloyd was fired from the force after the incident, but that isn't the worst of his problems. Oh, no no no. He's currently in jail after being accused of raping a female friend, and is facing 20 years in prison if convicted of those charges.

Oh, and did we forget - Lloyd has also been recently served with a lawsuit by his ex-wife regarding his conduct in nearby Chicago last summer, when he shot her new husband many, many times in front of their children with each other:

"An autopsy revealed Lloyd shot the man 24 times, the agency found. He was not jailed at the time as Chicago police accepted his explanation that the killing was in self-defense." (All emphases mine)

That astounding (but not surprising, unfortunately) finding by the Chicago PD would be quite amusing if it weren't such a deadly serious (and blatant) example of the "blue wall of silence" that law-enforcement officers routinely bestow onto their brethren who happen to be criminal suspects, apparently no matter how heinous the offense.

Imagine some random peasant in rabidly anti-gun King Emperor Mayor-for Life Richard Daley's Chicago offering up such a pathetic explanation for a similar incident, and then calculate the chance (we figure, oh, 100% or so) that that particular citizen would have been promptly jailed for his or her actions, and would most likely still be sitting in the pokey right this minute.

If that had also been Lloyd's fate after his actions last year (and which likely didn't simply because of what he did for a living), the kid in the story would not have been the recipient of a "face-down take-down" (Catchy. We wonder what they call hitting someone with a baton - "teaching the perp a new trick with the good ol' nightstick"?) and the acquaintance of Lloyd's (should her story pan out in court) would have been spared being raped. Heady stuff, indeed.

It sure is a good thing that Illinois residents, particularly Cornel McKinney, the seemingly innocent man Lloyd gunned down in Chicago, are prevented from lawfully carrying firearms for self-defense - the idiot peasants there would only end up doing something evil, such as gunning down their spouses' new husbands in cold blood (allegedly).

Mr. McKinney might be alive today had he had the means that day to successfully fight back against the sort of "public servant" that the likes of Mayors Daley and Bloomberg in New York constantly lecture us are the "only ones" qualified, trained and law-abiding enough to be armed in public, and who are supposed to be protecting and serving people like McKinney, not executing them (allegedly).


Anonymous said...

An estimated 80 million Americans own guns, and The Wall Street Journal says the typical gun owner earns 32% more a year than the average person who doesn't have a gun. This is how some Second Amendment enthusiasts remind the public of this fact.

a free one for ya

Anonymous said...

Your mention of baton use reminds me of the training I had with a baton many years ago by two old time professionals. They taught some various take downs using the hold to apply pressure to joints. But when it came to strikes they were very very strict. We were not to hit anywhere but the arms and the legs. The only exception was the "guy who is gonna kick your ass", then we were taught a strike that would break the collar bone, pretty much the weakest bone in the body. Hell even a strike across the butt was off limits since the spinal cord ends there. I wonder what they would think of this "new professionalism" and tasers.

Bike Bubba said...

If it took him 24 shots to kill a man, then....could he at least have been fired for incompetence?

And with the ex-wife and kids witnesses, the police and DA accepted HIS explanation? When he reloaded at least once? When he was at THEIR home, it was self-defense for HIM?

Yikes. Fire the DA for incompetence, too.

Anonymous said...

holy crap. This guy deserves jack-booted thug of the YEAR.