Thursday, October 01, 2009

There goes our girlish figure

Two more Arizona restaurants that are taking a proactive stance in welcoming concealed-carry permit holders:

"Hello, I am the owner of Eat at Joe's Barbecue in Wikieup, AZ. I am a CCW permit holder, and I invite all CCWers to carry in my establishment. Anyone who is carrying and has a permit, I will give a 10% discount toward their meal."

"Marc Peagler, owner of the Silver Spur Saloon Restaurant in Cave Creek outside Phoenix, said he will allow people with concealed weapons permits to carry in his business, and Silver Spur will be safer because of it. 'It's a deterrent,' he said. 'In the criminal element, there is some logic that says when people look at a place that they might want to rob, the ones that have big signs up that say 'We do not permit firearms' would be the first target. They know there's not going to be anybody in there that can stop them,'"

A bunch of other establishments are on an ever-expanding list here.

(h/t to Dustin)


Free Libertarian said...

This is great and good for them! Next time I am in the area I will check these places out!

Also, Fast Eddie's Diner on 35th Avenue and Glendale in Phoenix allows open carry.

When I ate there, I frequently saw people who carried guns openly walking in and out of the restaurant.

Bike Bubba said...

I would have a catch-22 situation. My holster goes on the inside of my pants, and I'd be pigging out......