Monday, November 09, 2009

Go back to covering something you know something about, like the gridiron

Sports Illustrated magazine NFL writer Peter King regularly allows his tiresome elite East Coast liberal bias to seep into his online columns, which are purportedly about professional football (of which we are admittedly big fans). Here's today's installment:

"My heart goes out to the victims of the Fort Hood and Orlando shootings and their loved ones. Senseless, senseless incidents. I will not go quietly into the night on this one. America needs to do something about idiots with handguns. How many more Fort Hoods and Orlandos do there have to be before our political leaders have the guts to severely restrict access to murderous weapons?"

Tell you what, Mr. King. Let's begin by getting rid of your cherished First Amendment, which allows writers like you to freely spout your nonsensical rantings that forever agitate for taking away more and more freedoms from ordinary citizens, and then we'll talk about gutting the Second, which ironically is the last line of protection for the First (which itself arguably causes many deaths and injuries every year by allowing people to engage in inflammatory and hateful speech), OK?

The Bill of Rights is a synergistic package. You can't let the government begin to dismantle it without the population eventually losing all of their enumerated natural rights.

Is that concept clear enough for you, sir? If not, then please stick to opining on simpler subjects that you can more easily understand, such as schoolyard games being played for money by grown men.

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