Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Adams, Massachusetts Police Officer Alan C. Vigiard has been arrested on child-pornography possession charges. That fact is nauseating in and of itself, but the details of this particular case are truly disturbing.

Vigiard is accused of not only downloading the kiddie porn from a computer in the department's secure evidence room, but then masturbating to it right then and there while on the job. His reprehensible behavior was found out when the illicit stash (along with a video believed to be of Vigiard, who has a distinctive scar on his left hand, pleasuring himself) was somehow copied to a CD of evidence in an unrelated larceny case that was sent to the local DA.

" [Chief Donald] Poirot told state police the Adams Police Department is not properly equipped or trained to handle cases of child pornography so none should be located anywhere on the department's computers or network.

On Thursday, Poirot confiscated Vigiard's key to the evidence room, court reports state, adding that while state police were meeting with the chief in his office, network time stamps showed that Vigiard tried to delete additional files from the department's network from another computer. State police were able to recover all the files."

There has to be a special place in Hell reserved for a person, especially someone who was given "special" police powers of authority and is charged with protecting and serving the public, who would participate in such an abominable act.


P said...

My thoughts on this....
The Saudi court has it right on this one.

Anonymous said...

Amputation. The only proper penalty in this crime.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the pics he was looking at in the video were of adults...and most of the porn was adults. The pics in question were of teens aged 13-16, but unfortunately are still considered "child porn" because they are under 18. Not that it makes this story that much less disturbing, but clarification was needed.