Monday, November 02, 2009

We don't see a lot of sympathy being generated for this fellow

"Don't do the crime if you can't do the time"

- from the theme song of the 1970's TV show Baretta

Bernard Kerik, the disgraced former New York City police commissioner currently awaiting trial on numerous charges including massive corruption, cheating on his taxes (another one?) and lying to Federal officials (not to mention the reprehensible accusation that he callously took over an apartment, meant to be used for respite by 9/11 rescuers attempting to recover victims and bodies, in order to have a place to canoodle with his then-lover, book mogul Judith Regan), is apparently having a hard time adjusting to life in the slammer, which is where Kerik has been residing ever since he "had his bail revoked on Oct. 20 for giving a supporter sealed court records":

"Disgraced ex-top cop Bernard Kerik has been exhibiting psychiatric 'symptoms' behind bars and is considered 'at risk' by a jailhouse shrink, the judge in his corruption case revealed yesterday.

Sources who have known the former NYPD commissioner for years told The Post they weren't surprised that the fallen hero of 9/11 was apparently losing it in the slammer.

Kerik can't stand humiliation, the sources said, and was totally despondent after the 2004 debacle when corruption allegations derailed his nomination to head the federal Department of Homeland Security."

Poor widdle ex-commissioner. We suppose Mr. Kerik should have thought of his delicate, easily-bruised ego before he allegedly committed all of those crimes (for which he's facing as many as 142 years in prison if convicted on all counts), and then stupidly compounded his troubles by flagrantly breaking the judge's orders in his case.

And to think that a fine,upstanding man such as this was the "special person" in charge of the New York City Police Department (the agency charged with issuing handgun carry permits to the peasants who live there, and which usually declines to do so as a matter of policy unless the applicant is a celebrity, a politician or otherwise "connected" to the town's elites), and who came breathtakingly close to being put in complete charge of our entire nation's "security".

We as a nation are quite fortunate that Kerik was never confirmed as the Secretary of DHS, where he undoubtedly would have continued his seeming pattern of hypocritically flouting just about every law he came across, while at the same time using his newly-gained power and influence to cram ever-more intrusive rules and regulations onto the rest of us unwashed peasants, to follow precisely on pain of imprisonment.

Enjoy your stay in the Westchester County Jail, Mr. Kerik. It's but a mere preview of how you're going to be spending many years to come, if justice is served.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if this could be prep work for him to be found hanging in his cell. Just imagine the dirt he could spill if he took it into his mind to snitch on the higher ups.