Monday, December 07, 2009

Another dissatisfied customer

Hank Schwenckert of Munds Park, Arizona is bemoaning the bill of goods he was sold last November, as published in last Friday's Arizona Republic:

"I have tried to believe that change was coming but can no longer delude myself.

Our president is not the man I thought I was voting for.

Barack Obama has not pushed hard for meaningful health-care reform that includes a public option.

He has not closed Guantanamo. He has not gone beyond token change in our insane relationship with Cuba.

He has not suspended "Don't ask, don't tell" in the military.

He has not imposed meaningful controls on Wall Street. He has not drawn down troops in Iraq by any substantial amount.

He has not led the charge for job creation.

He has, however, continued many constitutionally suspect policies of the Bush Administration, including warrantless wiretaps and faith-based funding.

He is about to escalate the 8-year-old war in Afghanistan with the same sorry rationale we've heard so many times before.

This week, I learned that Obama will continue President George W. Bush's policy and not sign on to the Mine Ban Treaty, preferring the company of China and Russia and munition suppliers to almost all the rest of the world.

President Obama is a right-wing dream come true. This liberal finally woke up."

So sorry your full-of-impossible-promises demigod turned out to be just another politician solely out for personal power, Mr. Schwenckert. Better luck next time.


Chris K. said...

He unwrapped his shiny new presidential action toy and found all it does is stand there.

Axeanda45 said...

If the obamanation is a right wing dream come true...... I cant fathom how terrible a nightmare would be.

Bike Bubba said...

I think he means "right wing dream come true" in that Obama has a serious chance, if he continues the way he's going, of destroying electoral chances for Democrats for a generation.

And if any liberals are out there listening, you can't say that we conservatives didn't warn you.