Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Another nanny-state roundup

More random meanderings through the insane asylum that is today's Great Britain:

Noranside Prison in Scotland is going to close for a week over the holidays, putatively in order to save a little bit of money. This means that around 100 convicted felons, including murderers, are going to be unleashed upon the communities where their serious crimes were committed . It seems that jail officials have yet to learn their lesson that these types of furloughs historically don't work very well:

"Sex offender Robert Foye absconded from Castle Huntly in 2007 after being let out to attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and raped a 16-year-old girl before being recaptured.

This led to a tightening of controls over who is sent to open jails.

But this year murderer John Brown and armed robber Brian Martin - dubbed The Hawk - both absconded in quick succession from Castle Huntly."

Law-abiding local residents, who have been forcibly disarmed by their masters, should be very, very afraid this Christmas.

An English ambulance crew had to haul around a suicidal teenage girl for hours in an ultimately futile, Flying Dutchman-style quest to get a National Health Service hospital to admit her for treatment:

"The case is revealed in a memo sent by one of the paramedics who dealt with the incident, which he described as a "clear system failure on the part of mental health services for children in Ipswich which caused distress and harm to the patient".

The memo, written on 5 March 2009, described how an ambulance was called to help a 15-year-old girl who had gone into a local newspaper office.

The girl was described as suicidal and suffering acutely paranoid delusions.

The paramedic described how the crew and police officers spent hours transporting the girl from location to location in an attempt to find a safe and secure place where she could be cared for, but without success"

The medics ended up taking the poor girl to a police station, where she spent six hours in a jail cell before being transferred to a, you know, medical facility.

Bring on the socialized medicine!

3. "Two stars of a British celebrity reality TV show filmed in Australia have been charged with animal cruelty by New South Wales police."

Their supposed "cruelty"? Catching, killing and eating a rat while stranded out in the boonies for the UK show "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here".

A tasty rat, presumably, as one of the people arrested ironically is a celebrity chef. How come he isn't in the pokey for the horrible crime of serving prime rib at his restaurant?

"If found guilty, the pair face up to three years in jail."

Note to Australian hikers - the next time you're lost in the Outback, it's plants, moss and lichens only for you, otherwise you will surely be thrown in the clink should you survive your ordeal.

It's becoming tiresomely repetitive to keep making the following statement about that particular nanny state, but here we go again - what utter madness.

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