Thursday, December 10, 2009

Why I carry a handgun for protection, Vol. 26

So that when a nogoodnik breaks into my house in the middle of the night while I happen to be there, and stupidly keeps on advancing despite multiple warnings to stop, I will be able to successfully defend myself, just like Cushing, Oklahoma resident Donna Jackson had to do recently.

Jackson was on the phone to 911 when she discharged a shotgun, fatally ending the imminent threat to her safety. Here's a partial transcript of the call. The firearm, Jackson's son's, happened to be there and available; the cops weren't, at least not in time to prevent the home invader, an intoxicated Billy Dean Riley, from entering Jackson's home and causing her to reasonably fear death or great bodily harm to herself from him.

What say you to this incident, Brady Campaign and Violence Policy Center? Still maintain your naive position that lawfully owned and used firearms are of no use in defending one's home and life, even in the presence of constantly-occurring events such as this one?

Lincoln County Sheriff Chuck Mangion (not to be confused with the flugelhorn player) and District Attorney Richard Smothermon have both stated that Ms. Jackson acted reasonably and appropriately and will face no charges. A very correct conclusion, sirs. Thank you for sparing her any further stress by unnecessarily prolonging the investigation of this obvious open-and-shut case.

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