Monday, February 15, 2010

English jurors are finally starting to get it

A jury in Hull, England has taken less than 50 minutes to acquit local builder and law-abiding subject David Fullard of a charge of "unlawful wounding" after he was forced to use an antique samurai sword (which sadly seems to have been the only defensive weapon available, seeing as how most other guns and knives in that country have been outlawed for the commoners by the ruling martinets) to cut the ear off one of a pair of armed young thugs who had burst into his house one night last year with the intention of robbing the occupants, threatening them with death and great bodily harm in the process:

"Their ordeal came last March when [Michael] Severs and pal Michael Smith - both high on vodka and cannabis - stormed into the Fullards' home in Brough, East Yorks, demanding money.

They were armed with a spade and knuckle-duster. Smith picked up the sword as they threatened to rape Mr Fullard's partner Sue, 53. 

They also said they would kill his sons Tom, 17, and Danny, 14, and torch the house."

The homeowner then struck Severs with the sword, "sever"ing his ear in what appears to be a triumph of poetic justice.

Mr. Fullard faced up to eight years in prison if he had been convicted of the crime with which he was wrongly charged, which is quite a heavy penalty especially when one compares it to the pitiful sanctions that the two "yobs" received for so brazenly invading his home that evening:

"Yesterday the two jobless thugs got six-month suspended sentences and 100 hours of community service after admitting affray."

In other words, they skated.  Severs even got his ear reattached for him courtesy of the NHS, for Pete's sake.  

That's maddeningly what passes for justice in England these days, although at least juries there seem to be finally waking up and are refusing to obediently go along with the official railroading of innocent peasants who are merely defending their homes and families from these types of remorseless thugs, using whatever crude implements at hand that haven't yet been confiscated or outlawed by their overlords.  

The jurors no doubt realize that next time it might be themselves who are in the dock facing years behind bars for daring to protect themselves and their loved ones. 

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