Monday, February 15, 2010

Off topic but interesting, at least to me

A helpful hint for smokers whose habit has unfortunately caught up with them:

"Oxygen feeds fire.  [Fire department spokeswoman Kristen] Thorstenson urged smokers who take oxygen not to smoke while using an oxygen tank."

That statement would seem to be patently obvious, but Ms. Phyllis Ballam of Marysville, Washington didn't follow that quite reasonable advice, and she is now deceased as a result of the conflagration that erupted when she decided to simultaneously partake in both activities.

We wonder if her family is now going to sue the oxygen company for delivering such a "dangerous product" to her home.


Bike Bubba said...

Never mind the little fact that needing oxygen ought to be clue #1 that you need to stop smoking and further destroying your lungs....cripes....

Anonymous said...

I guess you can fix stupid, the only problem is the fix will kill ya.