Friday, February 12, 2010

Want a good chuckle?

In today's Arizona Republic article concerning the large number of speed-camera tickets that Maricopa County employees are receiving while driving official vehicles (departments other than the ones which involve law-enforcement vehicles responding to emergencies; those citations are rightly excused), we find the following unbelievably pathetic excuse offered up from the head of one of the worst offending agencies:

"Others gave explanations of why their employees may have been pushing speed limits.

R.J. Cardin, director of parks and recreation said workers are stretched thin with years of budget cuts and are 'in a hurry to get where they need to be.'"

Yep, he really put that on the record. 

Mr. Cardin apparently is under the impression that just because the duties he and the apparatchiks under his command perform happen to be for the local government (merely the likes of parks and recreation, mind you), those tasks, however mundane, are far more important than the "hurry" reasons of any common peasant and therefore justifies the wanton breaking by the little martinets of the many onerous laws imposed on the general public ostensibly for everyone's "safety".

The simple concept of "everyone has to follow the same laws" seems to elude the witless Mr. Cardin, that's for sure.

We can only imagine how lit up his phone has been today.

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