Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Abusing one's authority has consequences

In a followup to a story on which we commented yesterday, Officer James Daves of the Chattanooga, Tennessee Police Department has been placed on paid administrative leave by that agency.  This action was an apparent face-saving move to attempt to counter the massive amount of negative publicity generated by Daves's stupid decision to place a man under felony arrest solely for safely running a couple of red lights in order to get his newlywed wife, who was in the middle of suffering a stroke, to the local hospital in the quickest way possible.

"The most damning claim in the story happened when Jesse was told by Daves to turn himself into the Hamilton County Jail, where he would be charged with a felony.  Jesse claims that when he asked what felony he would be charged with, Daves said 'I’ll think of something you sh– head.'"

We guess "Officer" Daves should have thought a little harder, especially before embarking on his thuggish course of action.  Well, it seems he'll have quite a bit of time to think in the coming days, as he contemplates the fact that he just may have thrown away his career by deciding to play bully.

"In Daves’ written report, he claims that Jesse scraped his arm with his fingernail after the officer grabbed his arm, as well as claiming that Jesse placed his wife in an ER room 'with no permission of the hospital staff'."

Oh, please.

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Chris Mallory said...

Yeah, any scratch upon an "only one" is cause to charge a citizen with assault. Even if the cop did it to himself. We had a case where the suspect was hiding in a farm field. One of the cops looking for him cut his arm on a barbwire fence. The suspect was charged with assault for the cop's self inflicted cut. So I can see where a fingernail scratch on a cop's arm could lead to execution of a taxpayer.