Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Criminals broke a law? Color us amazed

Canadian law enforcement officials are just flabbergasted to discover that criminals in the Great White North have been forging the onerous government licenses required to purchase so much as one round of .22 ammunition:

"Cpl. Julie Macfarlane-Smith of the RCMP's commercial crimes section said she's never seen forged firearms licences before.

'It's quite a process to receive (a legal) one,' she said, 'and to think it's a matter of changing a face and the accompanying data (on a licence) so someone can say, 'this is who I am and I'm here to buy a firearm or some ammunition,' it's seriously a concern.'"

Wow, the "authorities" made it as difficult as possible for someone to legally obtain ammunition, and criminals simply broke the law and short-circuited the process?  What a complete surprise.

It will be interesting (and infuriating, no doubt) to see how the law-abiding population up there will be made to pay for this latest development, even though it was no fault of theirs.

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